Canine Scent Training

Nose Work Dog in Nose Work Training

Foundation I NoseWork The Alert "Indicator"

The beginning Nosework class teaches the dog an  Alert Indicator such as a down and/or a sit to indicate odor. This is  taught before teaching the Nosework search so that the dog knows the exact  behavior we want when he finds odor. Many methods start with search and  leave it up to the dog to figure out how to indicate that he has found the target odor to the handler,  which can lead to a variety  of problems later such as excessive scratching,  biting, barking and false alerting. By conditioning the Alert  Indication first we can bomb proof a dog's Alert behavior and improve  canine nosework searching behavior. The class is geared to both AKC Scent Work, NACSW k9 Nose Work and UKC Nosework.  

Up Coming NoseWork Class

New 6 week Foundation I Nosework Class (TBD) . San Lorenzo Dog Training Club 

534 C Lewelling Blvd., San Leandro, CA  

Admission  into this class must be pre-approved by the instructor and all  pre-class paperwork must be completed prior to start of Class.  Contact Steve Bettcher with questions.


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