Nose work Training

Example of Nose Work Training. Beagle searching bags at airport.

Foundation IV Real World Canine Scent Training - Searching

When the dog masters the Alert Indicator in Nose work training and is searching independently  in the training lab we introduce the dog to more complex searches moving  away from the scent boxes and tubes to placing odor in draws, objects,  furniture, travel bags, vehicles, etc., using both exterior and interior  areas. This canine scent training class is a travel class and meets every week in San Leandro, Oakland, Castro Valley and Hayward

Dogs must have completed Foundation III Nosework Class or by permission of the instructor. 

Classes Coming Soon

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"Currently taking classes at K9 Sniffers in San Leandro. Steve Bettcher, the trainer, is great, and more importantly patient with my sometimes overly active dog. The class has helped my dog become calmer and less anxious. Dogs really enjoy this activity which requires the use of their bodies and their minds. Any breed of dog can participate. Awsome class". Steve C