Drop-in K9 Nosework Class

This class was held on Saturday July 10, 2019. The Theme of the NoseWork Class was containers and luggage with multiple hides and configurations.


Buddy qualified and earned his AKC Excellent Container Scent Work Title. He also got 1st Place. 

AKC Nosework Trial, Forestville, CA May 27, 2019


Buddy found all 3 hides in this search area under the allotted time. He earned an AKC Scent Work Excellent Exterior Title and a 3rd Place. AKC Nosework Trial, Forestville, CA May 26, 2019

AKC NoseWork Trial Excellent Exterior Class

Buddy found all three hides and earned his 4th AKC Scent Work Excellent Exterior Qualifier and a 1st Place Ribbon.  

AKC NoseWork Trial in Forestville, CA May 27, 2019.

AKC NoseWork Trial Excellent Interior Class

Buddy earned his AKC Scent Work Excellent Interior Title and a 1st Place Ribbon.

AKC NoseWork Trial in Forestville, CA on May 27, 2019.


Last Foundation II NoseWork Class of a six week session. Dogs are showing independent searching and odor discrimination. Next phase will be to get the dogs to generalize from the odor boxes to other objects. That happens in Foundation III Nosework Class. Class held at San Lorenzo Dog Training Club in San Leandro, CA.

Buddy at SDS Iron Dog NoseWork Trial


Buddy finding 5 of 5 hides in under allotted time. He found 17 of 18 hides in four search areas earning an Iron Dog 90% Qualifying pin.

SDS Nosework Trial Petaluma, CA April 13, 2019

NW3 K9 Nosework Trial Vehicle Buddy


Buddy passing NW3 Vehicle Search at an NACSW Trial. This was his first K9 Nosework NW3 Trial.

NACSW K9 Nose Work® Trial  Sacramento CA Nov. 2015

NW3 K9 NoseWork Trial Exterior Buddy


Buddy passing NW3 Exterior Search at NACSW Nose Work Trial
NACSW K9 Nose Work®
Trial November Sacramento, CA 2015

SDS NoseWork Excellent Distance Game Buddy


Buddy passing Distance Game at SDS Excellent Nosework Trial in Orangevale, CA  April 22, 2018

SDS Excellent Nosework Trial Buddy


Buddy passing all Three Elements to earn his SDS Excellent Nosework Title and a QQQ Pin.
SDS Excellent Nosework Trial, Orangevale, CA April 22, 2018